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Invoicing & billing

Billing and inventory management system helps you to create invoices quickly and easily based on real-time inventory data. Some of the main features are: auto inventory updates on item billing, Email invoices as PDF's for customer record, quick and easy return-item invoice generation, reduce cost, save time and improve efficiency and support you at low bandwidth also.

An invoice normally includes your address, customer's address, an invoice number, a date of issue and information about the services or products provided. Sometimes a bill might miss some of these information but availability of these information at a time is relevant and helpful for you.

Vendor management

Vendor management enables you to organise vendor information and analyse vendor costs and keep track of vendor performance quickly. Get all the data you need to improve your purchasing.

The businesses and individuals that provide goods and services to an organization are considered as its vendors.It's about streamlining the process for heightened efficiencies and managing vendor relationships to ensure that the agreements made are mutually beneficial for both parties.

Inventory management

Manage your inventory in no time and get real-time supply levels fast like never before. The key focus of inventory management is to minimize the total cost of inventory while maximizing the facility to provide customers with product promptly. Inventory alerts automatically notify you when inventory levels fall below thresholds you set. Inventory alerts are critical to ensure you always have sufficient inventory in stock.

Well-functioning system is a process of overseeing the flow of items into and out of your stock. It's a balance of having just enough products in the warehouse. Effective inventory management keeps the stock costs under control so you can run a successful business.

Purchase order

The purchase order feature helps you to buy goods & services at the best cost and promptly by saving valuable time by channelising purchases to the appropriate vendor based on pre-negotiated, real-time performance.

For purchase orders with landed costs,the taxes are levied on the landed costs and the purchase costs based on the GST tax code specified on the order line through our product it is easy to manage.

Return item management

The invoice inventory system makes it easy to handle and manage your customer's returns by providing fast, automated receiving, processing, and items restocking option.

The return products can be easily categorize to weather it is damaged one or return one.The stock details are updated automatically.

Customer management

Add new customers directly at the point of sale. Save customer information seamlessly during checkout and rapidly build your customer database. Capture customer details with the option to email them their receipt and view their purchase history in just a click.

Through our product's customer mangement facility it is easy to identifiy each customer and can also built a good relationship among the customer and dealer.

Tax management

Multiple tax management with easy access to your tax information without getting into any calculations.Collection and compliance by automating the entire tax, and support multiple revenue types with a single view of a taxpayer’s obligations.

Every dealer can easily calculate the tax amount by a single click.For that it is not even necessary that they are aware about the tax of each product available in the market.

Detail reports

Can view detail reports like sales of items (Date wise) in terms of quantity and value, list of items that are highest in terms of sales value or sales quantity etc. Get complete information on products in stock, purchase returns, vendor, and purchase history will be available at any point of time.

For their clarification each dealer can check the report without the help of any experts. The profit/loss per month can be evaluated and also can easily identify the change that takes place in the sales.

Managing your employees and expenses

Easily manage your employees with complete reports of their performance. And also you can manage your monthly, daily expenses.

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We introduce our innovation with full satisfaction that, we add all the possible features that are required for the billing.We designed our product by considering the end user at the mind.

Customer Support System

Our customer support is providing 24x7 support to help our client. Our experts will provide training sections to learn how to get used with our software.Our concern is to fullfill our clients needs.

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